My 2016 Race Calendar

We’re nearly into May, and comfortably back into running season.  Now that I’ve got my first half marathon out the way, it’s a good time to think about all the other races I’m doing this year.  I’ve signed up for a lot so far!

My 2016 Race Calendar: The Road to NYC Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll 5k: April 30th


Considering that I haven’t run in two weeks due to injury, and the weather is looking so rocky that I’m getting warnings my flight may be affected, this one is in danger of not happening!  I’d hoped to run my first ever sub-30 5k on this race, but now I’m aiming to just be able to run it after having some severe issues with my knee and hamstring.  Fingers crossed!

The Rock’n’Roll series is supposed to be AMAZING, with live music along the route and the best atmosphere.  And it’ll be in Nashville!  I’m on vacation and managed to squeeze this in while I’m there (of course!)

The best part about this race is that I  have my friend Sarah to run it with, it’s her first ever 5k!! She’s been doing the couch to 5k program in preparation for it, and I know she’ll do great.  Wish us luck!

Link to race website

Hudson River 5k Run to End Hunger: May 7th


This is a smaller, local race with a fast, flat course that hopefully I will be back in shape for.  Maybe I’ll finally manage that sub-30 goal!  Race proceeds will benefit the Croton-Cortlandt Food Pantry, and the course has great scenery along the Hudson River, just up from New York City.  I’ve only just signed up for this one, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a flat course and smaller, community race.  They’re so different to the big races, and I love them both for different reasons!

Link to race website

AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon: May 21st 

brooklyn half

This is the largest half marathon in the US, running through the whole borough of Brooklyn and finishing at the iconic Coney Island boardwalk.  Should be a good one!

This race comes quickly after my first half marathon of 2016, and will be my third ever half marathon, and only the second one that I’ve put real effort into training for.  It’s only a month after the More/Women’s half – but I guess training for 2 half marathons is the same as training for 1, right?

Link to race website


George Washington Bridge 10k: June 5th

This is a cool race, running over the George Washington bridge between New Jersey and Manhattan, then finishing in Palisades Park with great views of the city.  This will be my third time running this race, although I dropped from the 10k to the 5k last year due to an injury.  There’s a big downhill section of this race too, so I’m hoping I can get a 10k PR on this one!

GW Bridge NYC
Posing for a group photo before the 2015 race


Last year’s race gave me my FAVORITE EVER RACE T-SHIRT too, I wear it so often now!  Hoping we get another winner this year.

Central Park France Run
The family that runs together…

Link to race website


Queens 10k: 18th June

This is another NYRR race, and part of the Five-Borough Series which gives guaranteed entry into the 2017 NYC Half-Marathon.  I’ve never run this race before so have no idea what to expect!

Link to race website


LGBT Pride Run 5M: June 25th

This is another NYRR run – let’s be honest, most of my races are NYRR runs!  I love them so much.  This one in particular is great because the atmosphere is absolutely electric, it was one of my favorite races last year simply because of the runners and crowds.  Last year, this race took place 6 days after the historic Supreme Court ruling that granted same-sex couples nationwide the right to marry, so it was perfectly timed for a celebration!

Link to race website


Achilles Hope and Possibility 5M: June 26th

The eagle eyed of you might have noticed that this race takes place the same weekend of the LGBT Pride Run, the first time I’ve ever run 2 races back to back before!

This event brings together athletes with disabilities and able-bodied athletes, and should be a great race.  It’ll be the first time I’ve run this one.

Link to race website


Boilermaker 15k: July 10th

I am really excited for this race, it’s known as being one of the most fun road races in the US and is one of my 12 bucket list races for 2016.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this, from the organization of the race, to the phenomenal crowd support, to the huge afterparty where the whole town of Utica NY joins in, sponsored by the FX Matt Brewery (of Saranac fame).  I can’t wait!

Link to race website


Hoboken Party With Purpose 5k: July 12th

Hoboken PWP 5k

This is a small, local race which boasts awesome views of the NYC skyline as you run along the Hoboken waterfront.  I like this race because it’s midweek, which is a nice change for me as all my races are always at the weekend.  I ran this race last year and there was a good after-party with live music – and free post-race bananas.  Never mind the medals, I’m all about the post-race bananas!

Link to race website


Great North Run Half Marathon: September 11th

This is another of my bucket list races for 2016, and I feel super lucky to have had my name drawn in the ballot to run this.  It’s in Newcastle, England and is the biggest half marathon in the world.  It’s gonna be a good one!  Plus I get to go home and see all my family and friends so it’s an even more special race for me.

Link to race website


Bronx 10-Mile: September 25th

This is another of the NYRR Five-Borough series and another first-time race for me.  I don’t know much about this course as it’s completely new for me, so I’m really looking forward to running it!  Weather-wise, this should be comfortable too, late September in NYC really is the perfect time to be running.  I’m not gonna lie, the races in July are going to be a challenge, so this will hopefully be a refreshing one!

Link to race website


Staten Island Half Marathon: October 9th

The final race in the NYRR Five Borough Series.  If all goes according to plan then I’ll have completed all the races I need for guaranteed entry to the 2017 NYC Half.  Yay!

I volunteered at this race last year, so it will be nice to see the race from the other side this time!  This will be my last half marathon of the year.

Link to race website


NYC Marathon: November 6th

NYC Marathon


I still can’t believe I’m running this.  It’s 7 months away and I’m already scared.  Just thinking of doing this is intimidating, but I’m determined to get through it (let’s face it, it may be the only marathon I ever run).

This is it.  If you’re only going to run one marathon in your life, it might as well be this one.  I can’t wait!

That race at the bottom – GUESS WHAT I JUST SIGNED UP FOR?!??? Can someone teach me how to run 26 miles now?

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Link to race website


Wow, that’s actually quite a lot of races.  What am I letting myself in for!  What races are you most excited for this year?

Pam x 



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