If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Weight loss plans are go

Three days in to my new eating plan and I’ve gotta say, it’s going well so far!   I’ve been very strict with my cardinal rule, which is if I can’t accurately track it, I don’t eat it.

Despite being only three days into my plan, I’ve already had a few opportunities to be led astray.  Yesterday, for example, I had a trip to the Jersey Shore with some friends visiting from my hometown.  Now, the Shore is not the place to go if you’re in week 1 of your full-accountability, no-nonsense, full-tracking weight loss plans.  Lunch options consisted of funnel cake, fried oreos, pizza slices, ice cream…. you get the picture.   Luckily, I anticipated this ahead of time and prepared a lunch of sandwiches and trail mix to take with me, calorie tracked ahead of time.   Continue reading

There’s a reason I can’t lose weight. No more excuses.

Hi and welcome to my weight loss blog!

First off, let’s start with a confession.  I am a yo-yo dieter.  I lose some weight, I gain some weight, I take up an exercise hobby, I shun said hobby.  Until now, I have never taken full responsibility for my inability to shed the pounds.  Losing weight should be easy, right?  Eat less and exercise more?

So why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?

Me at my heaviest circa 2007
Me at my heaviest circa 2007

There are a lot of reasons cited by failed dieters as to why they can’t lose weight.  I’ve used a few of them myself.

“It’s my genetics – my whole family are overweight”

“I eat healthy and exercise often, but no matter what I do the weight just sticks around”

“I think I’m in starvation mode, I hardly eat anything and seem to GAIN weight”

A few months ago, I still believed these were true.  Some people just can’t lose weight because they have a genetic predisposition to be overweight, they’re “just built that way”

However, I’ve realised something these past few months.  Do you know why I can’t lose weight?  Because I eat more calories than I burn off.   Continue reading