NYRR Poland Spring 5M – Learning my running pace

NYC Central park running

This weekend brought in the NYRR Poland Spring 5M in Central Park to kick off the NYC Marathon festivities.   The weather was wet but not too cold, the crowds were in good spirits and I was pumped up to run a good race.

I arrived early in order to find street parking (I’m a New Jersey local and pretty awful at city parking), giving myself extra time for bib pickup and baggage check.  There was a band playing as I arrived which was fun, and since the race was sponsored by Poland Spring there were plenty of opportunities to grab a drink of water before heading to the starting corrals!  Someone grabbed a snap of me at this point, I don’t remember having my photo taken and so got quite a surprise when I saw myself on the NYRR website race highlights! Continue reading

Down and Dirty Obstacle Race NYC

TL:DR – Amazing fun and great introductory obstacle race.  Prepare to get very muddy!

October 4th 2015 was a big day for me – it was my FIRST proper obstacle race, the Down and Dirty Obstacle Race in Pelham Bay Park, NYC.   Prior to this race the only thing resembling an obstacle race I’d completed was the Wipeout Run, which was less about challenge and more about slip’n’slides and other fun things.  So I’d consider this to be my first proper experience of a mud run.

The logistical stuff

I bought this race as a Groupon for $50.  I tried to get a group together to race but unfortunately I was not even remotely successful – so I ran the race myself Continue reading

Big Bouncy Balls! Wipeout Run NYC review

Today was the Wipeout run in Brooklyn.  What a fun race!!

TL;DR – AMAZING fun day out.  The obstacles were super fun but wish they would have been more challenging

The difficult-for-a-heavy-girl jumping photograph
The difficult-for-a-heavy-girl jumping photograph

Race Review

Wipeout run is a themed 5k obstacle race, with inflatable obstacles based on the show Wipeout.  Obstacles included jumping over big inflatable balls, hurling yourself onto big slip’n’slides, throwing yourself over large inflatable water slides and running across balance beams while big red balls try and hit you in the face.  This is my first race review, so I’m going to keep it short and to the point:

Because big inflatable words are my jam
Because big inflatable words are my jam

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