15 times Friends understood your attempts to lose weight

So, I have a confession to make.  I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Friends – I must have seen every episode multiple times over the years. Tonight I’m heading to a Friends trivia night (this trivia night, in fact), and I’m quietly confident for a high ranking score.  And on that note, here are 15 times that our favourite 6 characters perfectly summed up all of your attempts to lose weight.

1. The one where you decide to lose weight

It’s never a fun moment, that day when you realize that no, it’s not your washing machine shrinking all your clothes.  It’s your months of neglect, beers and chicken kebabs taking their toll on you.   Time for a change!

2. The one where you start using MyFitnessPal and acknowledge how many calories you eat in a day

I love MyFitnessPal, it makes you so accountable for what you’re eating, and helps you to plan your meals effectively so that you can enjoy treats without going overboard or starving yourself.  However, that first week where you really come to terms with how much you eat?  It’s a killer.

3. The one where you start your diet and you’re feeling strong

It’s Day 1 of Brand New You.  You’ve got your meals planned, you’re going to work out.  Life is good, you’re feeling strong and you’re totally ready to do this.  Nothing could go wrong…

 4. The one where all your friends go to Cheesecake Factory on day 2 of your diet

Because everybody is out to sabotage you.

5. The one where you resisted the Cheesecake Factory

Because you are SO GOOD AT BEING ON A DIET

6. The one where you start exercising

Taking up a new exercise regime is daunting, but you’re up to the challenge.  Because it’s week 1 and you’re feeling strong.  Soon enough you’ll get so into your new exercise routine that you’ll drive all your friends crazy with the relentless stats about your new exercise hobby.

In other news, did you see on my Instagram that I ran 7 miles yesterday?  And I’m training for a half marathon?  And I bought a new running watch?

7. The one where your diet and exercise plan is paying off 

You’re seeing the results on the scales, you’re making gains in the gym, you’re a weight loss machine.  You’re waiting for the phone calls from the leading fitness magazines, asking you what your secret is.  You’re expecting an offer to make your own fitness DVD.  Literally nobody is better than you at losing weight.  But then….

8. The one where you hit a plateau

Hitting a plateau sucks.  We all know it.  It’s motivation’s kryptonite.  All your attempts to lose weight are falling flat, and you’re not happy about it.

9. The one where you lose your way

After that first few glorious weeks of weight loss, you’re stuck.  You’re working so hard and not seeing results any more.  Fuck it, you think, I’m having a pig out.  All of the junk food is consumed.

10. The one where you pretend you’re still a dieting machine

You don’t want to admit to yourself that you’re off the wagon.  You told everyone about how well you’re doing, your social media is plastered with motivational quotes and your success stories.  But you just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things.  You’re in a funk.

11. The one when your friends sort you out, and you hate them for it

We’ve all been there – you’re deep into your funk, everything went wrong at work and you broke your favourite pair of heels and you just KNOW that a pizza and some cheesecake will make it all better.  But your friends are there and remind you that you’ve got a plan, and you need to get over your funk and sort yourself out.  Because they’re EVIL.  And because they care about you.

12. The one where you see how far you’ve come

You’re back on the wagon, you’re tracking your calories, you’re sticking to your diet and exercise plan.  After a while, you start to see results again.  That plateau seems a million miles away now.  At this point, you look back and see how far you’ve come since the day you started, and you realize you’re doing OK.  Props to you.

13. The one where you someone eats your cheat meal

You’re a dieting machine again and you’ve saved that full fat, mint chocolate chip ice cream all week to eat on cheat day.  Then you check the freezer and one of your roommates has gotten there before you, and all that’s left for cheat day is dairy-free, calorie-free, enjoyment-free low fat frozen yoghurt.  You’ve never felt rage like it…

14. The one where you lower your standards

You’ve lost weight and you’re not too close from your goal, so that’s probably enough, right?  I mean, you’re still overweight according to BMI but so is the Rock, clearly BMI must be useless.  Let’s ignore the fact that the Rock is solid muscle, that doesn’t matter.    You try to convince yourself that you’re so close to your goal, that the last few pounds really don’t matter.

But you don’t give up, because you’ve worked hard for this.  And then…

15. The one where you meet your goal, and you feel AMAZING

Waiting for this day is what keeps me going.

Keep reaching those goals everyone! I’m rooting for you!

Pam x 



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