Jump starting the weight loss campaign

So I haven’t been very good at maintaining this blog!

Where have I been for the last month? 

Nowhere, to be honest.  I’ve got no excuse, I’ve had a terrible few weeks and haven’t been sticking to my plan as promised.  It stops now!

I’m hoping that we can start over.  One false start shall lead the way to my next successful weight loss attempt.  I’ve used too many excuses this month – I’ve been out for dinner too many times, I’ve used being busy in work as validation for coming home and ordering take out and generally being quite lazy.  Exercise wise, I  haven’t been too bad (I’m never too bad with the exercise), but food-wise I’ve made almost no effort at all.  And unfortunately you can’t out-run a bad diet so the scales are showing the truth.

On week 1, I lost 4lb.  However since then, I’ve gained 2lb.  So that’s my new starting point – 185lb.  I’m TDEEing it up between now and Christmas to jump start my weight loss campaign!

Short term and long term goals

I know my long term goal is to be within my healthy BMI range (so under BMI 25).  However, that’s going to take some time.  With that in mind, I’ve set myself some short term goals to work towards to keep me motivated as I go along.

  1. Lose 5lbs by Thanksgiving
  2. Lose 10lbs by Christmas

That gives me 11 weeks to lose 10lbs, which SHOULD be fairly easy if I can stick to my TDEE each day.  In theory, I should lose 1lb per week if I eat my ~1600 calories.

Why talk about something when you can graph about it instead
Why talk about something when you can graph about it instead

The other thing I’m getting in order is my running goals.  The longest run I’ve signed up for this year is a 15k (~9 miles) on December 12th.   So a training plan is essential!!

I’ve designed myself a training grid to keep on track, using one of the excellent Hal Higdon training programs as a template and amending to add strength:

I do love an opportunity to use Excel
I do love an opportunity to use Excel

The orange are races I’m already signed up for, the purple is when I’m travelling and so will need to work extra hard to fit my training in!

Another milestone I’ve got under my belt this week is my volunteering effort at the Staten Island Half marathon today.  In order to qualify for the 2016 New York marathon next November, I need to complete 9 races plus 1 volunteering spot in 2015, through the NYRR New York Road Runners races.  I’ve completed 6 of 9 and have another 3 in the calendar, so …… drumroll please…… I will get guaranteed entry to the EFFING NEW YORK MARATHON NEXT YEAR!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I really like running, but a marathon is more of a bucket list thing for me than a hobby I’m trying to create.  Hey, if you’re going to complete one marathon in your life, why not make it in New York?!?

I’ve got a fire lit under me, I’m back on track!  I’ll also be doing weekly weigh-ins and stat analysis each Friday to compare real life weight loss results to those predicted by TDEE.

And now, my blog is like a bus.  You wait forever for one and two come along at once…. stay tuned for my obstace race review later tonight!

Pam x



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