Pain is temporary. Internet race results last forever

Truer words were never spoken
Truer words were never spoken

Yesterday I ran the Garden State Plaza 5k, a quick flat race round the perimeter of the largest mall in New Jersey.  Not gonna lie, I struggled to add on another 2 miles after the race (as I had 5M in my training plan) – not from exhaustion or injury or laziness, but because a shopping mall doesn’t exactly have anywhere to run!

It was fine when we had the road closed off for the race, but afterwards I resorted to weaving up and down the car park aisles to get my extra distance in.  People kept looking at me like I couldn’t find the finish line so had resorted to just running up and down in neat little lines instead.  Let’s just say it wasn’t one of my favourites!

Car park selfie. I really need to start bringing people with me to these races, get some better photos!
Car park selfie. I really need to start bringing people with me to these races, get some better photos!

Anyway, I digress.  One of the supporters had a sign that said ‘Pain is temporary, internet race results last forever’.  It made me chuckle, and pushed me on to run that little bit faster as I approached the end of the timed race.  When I got home I decided to test the theory – do internet race results really last forever?  

To test it out, I searched for results from a 10k I’d walked in 2011, before I’d taken up running as a hobby.

Jane Tomlinson York 10k, 2011
Jane Tomlinson York 10k, 2011

Holy internet memory, I found a whole bunch of photos!   I finished the race in 1:32:18, 14:53min/mi.  I remember this race, I didn’t train for it – I don’t think I did a single run beforehand.  I decided on the day to run/walk, which shortly became a brisk walk when I started and realised you can’t just blag a 10k when you’ve never run before.  It’s hard!

Running past the stunning York Minster
Running (walking) past the stunning York Minster
Don’t think I’m enjoying the experience, am I?!?

I remember pretending to run every time I spotted a race photographer, thinking I could save face with a nicely timed ‘running’ photo – looking back now I wouldn’t say I was successful!

Pretending to run....
Pretending to run….


Not pretending to run…


I realised something when looking through the photos too – I’ve lost weight!



That sounds daft to say, surely I should know if I have or haven’t lost weight – but I look much heavier in these photos than I remember.  I honestly have no idea what I did weigh at this point, but I’d guess at around 220lbs (40 up from current weight).

It’s been nice to look through these and see progress, not just with the improved race time (my 10k PB is 1:09:09), but also visually.  Sometimes when you don’t see the number on the scales moving it can be so demotivating!

This has been a great Motivation Monday for me, and lovely to see that even if I’m not at the end of my journey, I’m not at the start either – and I’m moving in the right direction.

Me now, for reference
Me now, for reference

Share your own weight-loss journey in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week y’all,

Pam x 




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