Things I learned from my first half marathon

things i learned from my first half marathon

Last weekend I ran my first half marathon.  Well, technically it was my second but it’s the first I’ve ever tried to run completely from beginning to end – so in the grand scheme of things it’s my first!



Now, I trained hard for this half marathon, I had a plan that I followed for 12 weeks to get ready for it.  Did I do enough to smash my first half marathon?  Probably not.  Did I give it a damn good shot?  Hell yeah!  The important thing is, though, that I learned a lot along the way and I want to share this with anyone else who’s getting ready for their first half marathon too.

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More Shape Women’s Half Marathon – Race Report


This weekend saw the 13th annual More Shape Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park, and my first half marathon of 4 planned in 2016 as part of my NYC Marathon training.  I was so excited to run this race, I’ve only completed one half marathon in the past and I walked over a third of it – so really, this was my first real attempt at a half marathon.

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Beautiful skies and injured legs

The race took place entirely in Central Park, with 7000 women completing just over two loops of beautiful Central Park.  It was a gorgeous day for running, too – not a cloud in the sky and high 40F / 10C temperatures.  Perfect!

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Home Stretch: My Final Half Marathon Training Update

Lose It For Science

Guys, it’s nearly here!  The More/Shape Women’s Half Marathon takes place this coming Sunday, and I’m on the last week of my training plan.  I’m feeling nervous for the race, despite all my training I still don’t feel like I’ve done enough to run 13.1 miles.

Training for a half marathon: How did we get here?

Let’s check out the training schedule:

training for a half marathon

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Half marathon training update – Run, volunteer, repeat

It’s half marathon training update time!  I have now completed 8 weeks of my training plan, and this week I’m making quite a few changes.  First things first though, let’s talk about the past 2 weeks of training!

How about those long runs? 

I’m now at the stage where my long runs are starting to get significantly longer than what I’ve been doing in the past – in the past 2 weeks I’ve done a 7 mile and an 8 mile run, both with very different outcomes.

7 miles of hell 

My 7 mile run was in Palisades Park in New Jersey, a great place to run becuase it’s mainly shaded but still boasts great views of the NYC skyline and George Washington bridge.  I used to run 3 or 4 miles on this route regularly in the summer, taking advantage of the rolling hills as good practice for Central Park runs.

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Half way to half marathon! Training update

Half marathon training update time!  I’ve just reached the end of week 6, which means I’m half way through my training plan already!  I have 6 weeks left before the More/Shape half marathon in Central Park, and I’ve hit the point where the long runs really start stacking up the miles.  Time to really get serious about this!

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Photo from

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Training Update: Watch fails and Spartan effort

Lose it for science training update

It’s training update time!  Another week of half marathon training in the bag, I’m now starting week 6.  By the end of this week I’ll be half way through my training!  It’s been a week of mixed success, I’ve been working out consistently and eating much better, but I’m still not quite reaching the targets that I set myself at the start of this process.  So, what have I been up to this week?

Spartan workout – AROO AROO AROO

This weekend brought a free workout organized by Reebok Spartan Race, which consisted of a high-impact body weight workout in an empty parking lot in 27F / -3C temperatures.  I was layered up to the max, with long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, another short sleeve tee, sweater and jacket!  Hat, gloves and 2 pairs of trousers finished off the look, and what a look it was.  I looked like the Michelin man!

I wasn't lying... a parking lot workout in 27F temps. Crazy people!
I wasn’t lying… a parking lot workout in 27F temps. Crazy people!

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Half marathon training update – the cold, the marathon and my shiny new GPS watch

It’s half marathon training update time!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing the weekly weight loss progress anymore, and that’s because I think a monthly update is a better frequency – it gives me more time to blog about other things that are a little bit more interesting!  That being said, I’ve had a busy month so we’re overdue a progress check.   Since I returned from vacation, I have been working on my half marathon training plan and trying to get up to speed for my epic year of racing (and my first marathon!)

A BIG marathon based update

So I talk a lot about running the NYC marathon.  I’ve relentlessly plugged my marathon plans on the blog, I’ve bored my friends to death with my marathon ambitions, and I completed my 9+1 NYRR races last year to get guaranteed entry.

However, this month I’ve taken it one step further and claimed my place!  My pocket is lighter to the tune of $220, and I have 9 months to train for what will be the biggest achievement to date in my running adventures.

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Half marathon training plan. 0 to 13.1 in 12 weeks


It’s a new year, and time for a new half marathon training plan!  We’re 3 weeks into January, and I’m only now just starting my 2016 training. For shame! In my defense, I have been travelling through Thailand for several weeks and only got home this weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to start earlier – but better late than never!

To be completely honest, I’m actually writing this blog ahead of time so that I have my training plan ready to go as soon as I get back – right now I’m lying in a sleeper carriage on a 12 hour overnight train journey from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya, where we’ll stop for the day before moving on to Bangkok. It’s 9pm and I have 8 hours still to go!

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