My 2016 Race Calendar


We’re nearly into May, and comfortably back into running season.  Now that I’ve got my first half marathon out the way, it’s a good time to think about all the other races I’m doing this year.  I’ve signed up for a lot so far!

My 2016 Race Calendar: The Road to NYC Marathon

Nashville Rock’n’Roll 5k: April 30th


Considering that I haven’t run in two weeks due to injury, and the weather is looking so rocky that I’m getting warnings my flight may be affected, this one is in danger of not happening!  I’d hoped to run my first ever sub-30 5k on this race, but now I’m aiming to just be able to run it after having some severe issues with my knee and hamstring.  Fingers crossed!

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Things I learned from my first half marathon

things i learned from my first half marathon

Last weekend I ran my first half marathon.  Well, technically it was my second but it’s the first I’ve ever tried to run completely from beginning to end – so in the grand scheme of things it’s my first!



Now, I trained hard for this half marathon, I had a plan that I followed for 12 weeks to get ready for it.  Did I do enough to smash my first half marathon?  Probably not.  Did I give it a damn good shot?  Hell yeah!  The important thing is, though, that I learned a lot along the way and I want to share this with anyone else who’s getting ready for their first half marathon too.

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More Shape Women’s Half Marathon – Race Report


This weekend saw the 13th annual More Shape Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park, and my first half marathon of 4 planned in 2016 as part of my NYC Marathon training.  I was so excited to run this race, I’ve only completed one half marathon in the past and I walked over a third of it – so really, this was my first real attempt at a half marathon.

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Beautiful skies and injured legs

The race took place entirely in Central Park, with 7000 women completing just over two loops of beautiful Central Park.  It was a gorgeous day for running, too – not a cloud in the sky and high 40F / 10C temperatures.  Perfect!

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