15 times Friends understood your attempts to lose weight

So, I have a confession to make.  I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Friends – I must have seen every episode multiple times over the years. Tonight I’m heading to a Friends trivia night (this trivia night, in fact), and I’m quietly confident for a high ranking score.  And on that note, here are 15 times that our favourite 6 characters perfectly summed up all of your attempts to lose weight.

1. The one where you decide to lose weight

It’s never a fun moment, that day when you realize that no, it’s not your washing machine shrinking all your clothes.  It’s your months of neglect, beers and chicken kebabs taking their toll on you.   Time for a change!

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12 races you need to run in 2016


We’ve said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 with open arms and ambitious goals.  With the end of every year comes the internet stampede of ‘review of 2015’ posts, including my own review which is sitting in draft on my computer at home while I’m travelling – oops!  So instead of looking at what’s been done in 2015 (which will be published later this month when it’s no longer relevent), let’s look at what to do in 2016 instead.

This is my bucket list of races for 2016, the races I’d choose if I could pick one per month, if money and travel were of no concern.  Some of these I’ve run before, most I haven’t, but all are known to be races you don’t want to miss out on!



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