Vacation mid-way point – Checking in

Good old London town

Half way through my trip home already!  I’ve spent 3 days in London, 3 days in Glasgow and tomorrow I’m off to the in-laws in England for 4 days.  It’s been a great trip home, even if the weather hasn’t exactly been hospitable, lots of rain!  I’ve been staying with my cousin who has two new dogs, so I’ve spent a lot of time with my two new best friends.

Ollie and Alfie
Ollie and Alfie

In my last blog post I outlined my plan to stay on track while I’m at home:

  • Step 1: Pick your battles – choose a few ‘bad’ foods to eat at home, instead of eating ALL the bad foods
  • Step 2: Set exercise goals in advance
  • Step 3: Track EVERYTHING
  • Step 4: Be accountable!

So it’s the vacation mid-way point:  How is the plan going? 

I won’t lie.  It’s not.  I have really tried to stay on track, but it’s been a LOT more difficult than I thought it would be.  This is mainly due to two reasons which I’ll go into below, but before I start explaining – I know these aren’t excuses to fall off the wagon.

Reason 1: Airport shenanigans

On Saturday evening, I was due to fly from London to Glasgow on the 7pm flight.  To give you a basic rundown of Saturday:

4:30pm Head for Stansted Express train to the airport.  Train is delayed

5:05pm Train arrives, giving us ~1 hour to get through customs.  Tight, but not unmanageable as we’ve already checked in and have no baggage

5:40pm Train inexplicably terminates one stop before Stansted Airport, hailing “signal failure” as the cause.  Several trains after ours also suffer this fate.  This means there are a few hundred people stuck at a random train station, queued in a taxi rank with seemingly no taxis appearing

6:10pm Still waiting

6:30pm Still waiting.  People are panicking.  Every taxi that appears has a swarm of people and suitcases round it, reminiscent of those scenes in a zombie movie where a minor character gets overpowered by the undead and guts start flying everywhere

6:40pm Still waiting.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not making my flight.  I’ve called local taxi companies to no avail.  Finally an off-duty taxi driver parks near the train station by chance, and we convince her to drive us to the airport (we love you, random taxi lady!)

7:10pm Arrive at airport, flight has left.  No more flights until the next day.  Purchase new flight tickets.

……next 14 hours……. AIRPORT SLEEPOVER

So I made it home by mid-day the next day, and the complete destruction of my weekend plans meant that exercise went out of the window!  The extra time I’d dedicated to working out now was now being spent with family and friends, as it should be because I’m not home often and family and friends come before exercise.


What a drama it was!  I did consider running round the airport when the tedium got too high, but the thought of flying home in sweaty running clothes was too much for me.

Most essential 3am airport pint of Stella I've ever drank. It wasn't the only one either!
Most essential 3am airport pint of Stella I’ve ever drank. It wasn’t the only one either!


Reason 2: Being ill 

As tends to happen in life, as soon as the plane landed to signal the beginning of my vacation, I started feeling ill.  I landed on Thursday morning, and by Thursday evening I felt shocking – sore throat, sneezing, shivering, and I couldn’t hear out of one ear.  This lasted well through the weekend – and spending all night in the airport probably didn’t help matters!

I ignored the impending cold and went out for a run on Thursday, but that was the only exercise I did until the following Monday when I visited the gym.  Finally, FINALLY I’m starting to feel more like myself again though so there’s no more excuses from this point on!

I did get a slow run in today with one of my new best friends which made me happy!

"Alfie, pose for a photo before we go for a run"
“Alfie, pose for a photo before we go for a run”
“Pam, why are you holding me like a small child? I’m a dog, I’m supposed to be on the ground…”


So what about the other steps?  How are they going?

Step 1: Pick your battles – choose a few ‘bad’ foods to eat at home, instead of eating ALL the bad foods

This hasn’t been too bad, but it’s been far, far more difficult to make good choices than I thought it would.  I’ve been trying to stick to soups, sandwiches, etc when I go out, but there has been a few times I’ve slipped up.  Yesterday I got a Chinese take away, which was great (not gonna lie), but I tried to eat a “normal” portion rather than stuff my face like I would have in the past.

Step 2: Set exercise goals in advance

Exercise has been slightly de-railed due to the illness and airport shenanigans discussed above, but I am hoping I can pull it back when I’m in England this week.  I don’t have much planned for my time there (unlike Glasgow where I had lots of plans), so this means I can dedicate more time to getting my runs and workouts in.

From my plan:

  • Thursday – 5k run YES
  • Saturday – timed 10k run NO – Weather was atrocious and I was worried it would turn my cold into the flu
  • Sunday – 5k run YES – but I did it on Tuesday so running late
  • Monday OR Tuesday – workout in gym YES
  • Thursday – 5M run in Barnsley
  • Friday – workout in gym
  • Saturday – 5k parkrun

Actually, now I look at it, I’m not too far behind.  That’s good news!  I will do my 10k run in Barnsley on Friday as I missed it this weekend, I’ve already scoped out a good location for it.   So I’ll only be 1 run down by the end of the week, not too bad!

Step 3: Track EVERYTHING

I have done this.  I’ve not been best pleased at some of the resulting calorie totals, but I’ve still tracked it all.  I’m not optimistic about this week’s weigh in, every single day this week I’ve been over my calorie targets!  However, there’s only been a couple of days where I’ve been significantly higher than target, most days I’m within a few hundred calories of goal

Step 4: Be accountable!

I’ve sort-of achieved this.  I’ve taken responsibility for the week’s successes and failures, and I’m trying to pull back a fairly unsuccessful attempt by staying on track for the rest of the week.

Wish me luck!  See you on the other side with a dreaded weigh-in!

Pam x 





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